Are you a software developer or programmer? Do you offer your programs for download online? Find out why you should sign them using Certum Code Signing.

Code Signing certificate enables digital signing of software code. The tool verifies origin, certifies authenticity, ensures security and program integrity. It provides assurance that software has not been modified, infected or corrupted. It also protects it from unauthorized access and theft. Programs and applications signed with a Code Signing certificate can be safely downloaded from the Internet, since the identity of the author and the authenticity of the author’s signature is verified and confirmed by the Certification Center.

Code Signing Certificates allow you to:

✔ Gain the trust of your users

✔ Increase your brand reputation

✔Authenticate software

✔ Guarantee the security of programs

✔ Secure intellectual property

✔ Protect your recipients

Secure your code, programs and applications with the Code Signing Certificate.

Code Signing is an essential tool for any software developer. These days, it is a must-have. Why is that? Learn the 3 reasons that have made Code Signing certificates so popular.

  1. Publishers and platforms that distribute software require it to be signed with a certificate issued by a Trusted Third Party, i.e., a Certification Center, such as Certum.
  2. Malware (malicious software) infects programs available on the Internet and threatens both the applications themselves and other programs installed on the user’s computer.
  3. Internet users are giving up on downloading programs that are unsigned. They are deterred by “unknown publisher” and “harmful software” warnings, or the SmartScreen filter.


Learn what you can gain by signing your software with a Code Signing certificate.

Bezpieczeństwo Twojego kodu
Security of your code
You gain a guarantee that your code will not be modified or distributed with unapproved modifications. This is possible thanks to the digest function. If the digest used to sign the code matches the digest of the downloaded application, the integrity of the software is preserved and the code is intact.
Verification of authenticity of origin
You offer the user confidence in the software’s origin. With Code Signing, when a program is downloaded from the Internet, instead of the “unknown publisher” and “harmful software” warnings, the user will see your company name or your name information.
Eliminate deterrent warning messages
You are joining the ranks of providers positively verified by platforms, browsers or devices that will mark your code as secure thanks to Code Signing. Using it minimizes security warnings, and its EV version also eliminates the SmartScreen!
Bezpieczne przechowywanie
Secure certificate storage
You ensure that the certificate — the private and public keys used to sign the code — is properly stored on a secure device. A potential leak of the private key would expose the software to compromise and potential modifications to its code.

In Certum, the role of a secure Code Signing certificate storage device is fulfilled by:

  • Starcos 3.5 cryptographic card — Certum Code Signing Set
  • Certum SimplySign cloud – Certum Code Signing in the cloud

Thanks to the convenience of use, more and more Users are choosing the cloud solution, which eliminates the need for a card, especially in its highest version Code Signing EV.

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