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Are you developing software under Open Source license? Secure your programs with Open Source Code Signing Certificate!

Thanks to the certificate, you will provide your program with:

  • Integrity
  • Trust and higher reputation in browsers


The kit includes a Code Signing certificate and a 3.5 cryptographic card.

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Certyfikat Open Source Code Signing

Who can use Open Source Code Signing Certificate?

  • programmers and software developers working under Open Source licenses.

What is Open Source Code Signing Certificate?

The certificate allows software developers working under the Open Developer license to digitally sign the original code, and recipients to verify the integrity of the data. Using the certificate allows you to secure many file formats having, among others, the following extensions: .exe, .docm, .pptm, .xpi, .jar, war, .ear, .dll, .ocx, .cab, .msi, .sys files, .cat, .msp, .xpi, ocx, ect and is supported by platforms: Microsoft, Office, Firefox, Adobe, Java ect.

Warning. As of May 24, all Code Signing Certificates will only be compatible with the CryptoCertum 3.5 cryptographic card. Please read the information here before purchasing your renewal.



Benefits of using Open Source Code Signing Certificate

  • Digital signing of programs which guarantees the integrity of the code.
  • High level of programs’ security.


Open Source Code Signing Certificate – the kit provides digital signing of:

  • UNIX/Linux software
  • Adobe AIR
  • Extensions for Firefox and Netscape
  • Java applets
  • Internet applications based on JAVA technology
  • ActiveX components and controls
  • Binary files (.exe)
  • Data contained in the certificate: Open Source Developer
  • The Certum Standard Code Signing kit includes: reader, cryptographic card, manual.
  • compliant with the X.509 v.3 (RFC5280) standard
  • secured with SHA2 function
  • minimum length of cryptographic keys: RSA/DSA 3072 bit
  • issued by Certum in line with international WebTrustSM/TM standard
  • issued by Certum, the certificate root of which is automatically recognized as trusted in all the most popular Internet browsers as well as in all Microsoft products

The verification process and the documents required for purchasing the Certum Open Source Code Signing Certificate are described on the website Check here!

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