CryptoCertum 3.6 Cryptographic Card

CryptoCertum 3.6 cryptographic card is a universal cryptographic microprocessor card intended for a wide range of customers.

CryptoCertum 3.6 cryptographic card with a reader is included in the electronic signature set.

This is the latest version of the standard cryptographic card in our offer.

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Karta Kryptograficzna cryptoCertum 3.6

CryptoCertum 3.6 cryptographic card is a universal cryptographic microprocessor card intended for a wide range of customers. It can be used by individuals as well as organizations and public administration institutions. It guarantees a high level of security in the areas of identification, data transmission and counteracting falsification.

CryptoCertum 3.6 cryptographic cards are smart cards that can function in various environments (Windows, Mac, Linux).

CryptoCertum Standard 3.6 cryptographic card differs from the cryptoCertum Mini 3.6 only in the size of the card.

We also encourage you to check our offer of cryptographic card readers which can be connected to a personal computer through all commonly used interfaces.

Note:The card does not include a certificate! Both qualified and non-qualified certificates can be uploaded to the card.

The application of the cryptoCertum 3.6 cryptographic card is very wide. It meets the requirements of the eIDAS regulation for a qualified device for creating qualified electronic signatures (QSCD) or qualified electronic seals. It is mainly intended for PKI (certificate handling) purposes in making qualified signatures, generating and storing keys, passwords and digital certificates.

First of all, we recommend it for:

  • Visual and electronic identification of, among others, clients of companies and clinics as well as school students
  • Room access control
  • Registration of working time
  • Visual identification (identification of employee / corporate cards)
  • Use as a public transport card
  • Computer access protection

Technical parameters of cryptoCertum 3.6 cryptographic card:

  • model : IDPrime 940B
  • operating systems: Windows, MAC, Linux
  • minimum 500,000 save/read cycles
  • memory of 400 kB, 73 kB free for keys and certificates, 20 containers for encryption keys (RSA, elliptic curves)
  • data encryption with asymmetric RSA keys of up to 4096 bits and elliptic curves with keys of up to 521 bits.
  • Common Criteria EAL6+ certification
  • provides excellent integration with the Windows environment, instant integration with all Microsoft and Plug environments
  • standards: BaseCSP minidriver (SafeNet minidriver), Global Platform 2.2.1, Java Card 3.0.4, ISO 7816
  • protocols: T=0 and T=1
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